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- Product No. : P025-001

- Material : 18-8 stainless steel (Alloy 304) and 5052 aluminium alloy (AA5052)

- Size : case 93mm×93mm×h70mm, donuts parts φ15mm×15mm

- Weight : 880 grams

- Country of manufacture : Japan

"Kushidango" means a kind of traditional desserts in Japan. We named this from the desserts.

Kushidango is a kind of toys called “Connect four 3D”. This is a table game.

It is made by metal only.

Two players alternately drop the donuts. A player makes first a row with four donuts in individual color become a winner. The row is horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

You can see a rule in detail here.(Open PDF file)

Kushidango was selected as “2020 Itsutsuboshi-Hyogo” selection. Itsutsuboshi-Hyogo is a name of goods these are suitable as special products of Hyogo, Japan. “Itsutsuboshi” means “five stars” in Japanese. Hyogo-bussan-kyokai selects and authorizes them. Itsutsuboshi-Hyogo’s official website is here. (Japanese version only)

* Every one of them is hand-made by our skilled craftsmen. Welding and surface finishing can make tiny scratches and different luster. We kindly ask for your understanding, even if you receive the one whose finish is different from your friend's one.

* This product does not include anything except a toy.

* To save packaging materials and reduce costs, we will package products easily with air cushions. We do not package with a fancy box.

* Copyright in registered designs in Japan : No.1638887

* Because of the system specification, taxes are charged to you depending on kinds of payment on shipping outside Japan.






・寸法:ケース93mm×93mm×高さ70mm コマ状の部品φ15mm×15mm