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negi (箸置き Chopstick rest)

negi (箸置き Chopstick rest)

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- Product No. : P002-001

- Material : 18-8 stainless steel (Alloy 304)

- Size : W22mm×L36mm×H14mm

- Weight : 7 grams

- Country of manufacture : Japan

- This is a stainless steel chopstick rest.

- Negi (green onion, white green onion) is so popular in Japan. In particular, green onion is called "universal green onion" and it is used in and goes well with a variety of dishes. We named it "Negi" because of its shape like the neck of a white green onion and our wish that it would go well with any dish like a green onion.

- Stackable.
The overall shape is a little valley-shaped, so they can be stacked on top of each other and remain stable without shifting. They can be stored without being bulky.

- Easy to wash.
The surface of stainless steel, which is rust-resistant and hygienic as it is, is further polished by electropolishing, which eliminates surface irregularities and removes even the slightest dirt during cleaning.

- Gently accepts chopsticks.
The chopsticks are gently held in place not by the corners, but by the board. The chopstick rest has a slight slant to prevent chopsticks from rolling off. 

* This product does not include anything except a chopstick rest.

Due to variations in production work, there may be marks left when the plate is bent or when the product is polished.

* To save packaging materials and reduce costs, we will package products easily with air cushions. We do not package with a fancy box.

* Copyright in registered designs in Japan : No.1659742

* Customs duties may apply when shipping outside Japan. Please bear the burden on the recipient.


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