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sunoko (靴べら Shoehorn)

sunoko (靴べら Shoehorn)

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- Product No. : P009-001

- Material : 18-8 stainless steel (Alloy 304)

- Size : 0.3mm(thinness)×54mm×86mm

- Weight : 9 grams

- Country of manufacture : Japan

"Sunoko" means a kind of traditional steps in Japan. We named this from them.

"Sunoko" is a credit card sized shoehorn.

Because "Sunoko" is very thin, you can store this in your wallet, business card holder, and card holder. "Sunoko" has a curve. It makes putting on shoes easier and it makes harder to fall from your wallet.

* This product does not include anything except a shoehorn.

* Because this is very thin, this is not suitable for socks which is easy to tear.

* Please check whether there is clearance between "Sunoko", other cards and an other part of your wallet before storing in your wallet. Otherwise, because this made of metal, it is possible to shave the part which interferes.

* To save packaging materials and reduce costs, we will package products easily with air cushions. We do not package with a fancy box.

* Copyright in registered designs in Japan : No.1646431

 * Because of the system specification, taxes may be charged to you depending on kinds of payment on shipping outside Japan.


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